Discover the keys to secure crypto ownership at Ledger.com/start. Start your journey with confidence and protect your digital assets effectively.

No, Ledger.com/start is not something that can be installed as a browser extension or plugin. Instead, it serves as a webpage hosted by Ledger. Its purpose is to act as a starting point for users who want to set up and activate their Ledger hardware wallets or explore other products and services offered by Ledger.

If you’re looking for a browser extension related to Ledger, consider the Ledger Extension. Although it’s no longer available for download, existing users can still use it. The Ledger Extension allows direct connectivity to NFT marketplaces and Web3 apps using your Ledger Nano X. It ensures uncompromising security while simplifying interactions with the crypto world. With features like Web3 checks and transaction summaries, you can trade and manage your assets securely.

Remember that Ledger.com/start and Ledger Extension serve different purposes, so choose the one that aligns with your needs.

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